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Question: I did not receive my login credential confirmation via email, how can I get my login credentials?
Answer: An email should have been sent with your confirmation.  Please check with your spam/junk folder.  Your organization's email server may also have filtered the email.  If you cannot find the email, please email red@choice.technology or ty@choice.technology for assitance.
Question: What format should the image be?
Answer: JPG and PNG. JPG works best.
Question: What image size is best for the boxes in the templates?
Answer: The images are best formatted and displayed using 500 pixel width.  The height is automatically adjusted.
Question: Can the images be displayed side by side inside the template box?
Answer: The images can be displayed side by side if they combined as a single image, or if a table is used to situate the images in table cells.  The easier and better option is combining the images in a single image.
Question: What is the maximum image size for upload?
Answer: The maximum image size is 2 MB.  If the size is larger than 2 MB, the file will not upload.
Question: What is the resolution of the background image for the poster?
Answer: The recommended resolution is 1925 x 900 pixels to ensure it cover the entire background.